Summer 2023



Elissa Favero

Editor (Class of 2024)


Dear RWW students, alums, and faculty,

As a student and teacher, June and July have long represented for me a mentality of “school’s out!” But as many of us prepare for RWW’s residency in Tacoma this month, I’m holding in mind the idea that “school’s in!” At least we’re transitioning into a new phase of the schoolyear―preparing for the intensive exchange of morning talks, workshops, and classes; readying for work with new mentors; and planning all the writing and revising that’s to be done in the year ahead. (And hopefully finding time, too, for gardening, farmers’ markets, and the delicious cool of movie theatre screenings―or whatever it is that brings you joy this time of year.)

In this issue, we hear from faculty member Brenda Miller about the wisdom of finding a writing practice that can still let the world in. Contributing Writer Hannah D. Markley (2023) interviews rising thesis-year students Andrea Pierceall (2024) and Will Trembley (2024) about the wonderful new writing retreat Andrea is offering RWW folks on her property in central Idaho. Hannah also speaks with RWW alum Matt Young, who’s returning to the program this summer as a faculty member, about his teaching philosophy, writing routines and passions, and the exciting possibilities of collaboration. Finally, as we do in every issue of Soundings, we celebrate the recent and ongoing literary work of the RWW community with Publications, Announcements, Opportunities, and Literary Citizenship.

This is my last issue as Editor. I’m so pleased to welcome antmen pimentel mendoza into the role for the next academic year. My thanks to him and to Hannah D. Markley, Sydney Elliott, Garrett Brooks, and Rick Barot for their myriad contributions. As they say, many hands make light work. It’s been a joy collaborating with each of them and trumpeting the work of the larger RWW community.

—Elissa Favero (2024), Soundings Editor