Summer 2017



Lisa Morin Carcia, Editor
Class of 2018


This Summer 2017 issue of Soundings contains multitudes—many voices, many perspectives. In lieu of our usual faculty craft essay, we present a special feature: “The Way(s) Forward,” a collection of essays written by seven RWW faculty members in response to the current political context. We have essays from Rick Barot, Barrie Jean Borich, Fleda Brown, David Cates, Kevin Clark, Greg Glazner, and Peggy Shumaker.

We also bring you a profile of incoming faculty member Rigoberto González, our inaugural Stan Rubin Distinguished Writer-in-Residence. And we are delighted to introduce a new category of community listings, Literary Citizenship, with profiles of the work Jasminne Mendez (2019), Lita Kurth (2009), and Kelli Russell Agodon (2007) are doing today to make the literary world a better place.

As always, you can read about the many accomplishments of our RWW community members in our Publications, Announcements, and Opportunities sections.

This is my last issue as the editor of Soundings. Before I go, I want to thank the Soundingsstaff—my supporters and companions over the past four issues—for their dedication and hard work. Sydney Elliott (2015), my managing editor, guided me with her wisdom and experience; she talked me off the ledge more than once. My assistant editor Hannah Comerford (2019), whose mad proofreading skills kept us from embarrassing ourselves many a time, was rock-solid in keeping track of all the listings and communicating with our community members. And Garrett Brooks, our longtime webmaster, continued to grace us with his visual genius, patience, and good-humored acceptance of whatever I threw at him. I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank our program director Rick Barot for his support and guidance every step of the way. Thank you all so very much.

Soundings readers, you’ll see me again over the next three issues as a contributing writer. Hannah will be the new editor, and Sydney and Garrett will continue in their roles. We’ll have a new assistant editor, incoming participant Nathaniel Youmans (2020).

Thank you all for continuing to read and enjoy Soundings.

—Lisa Morin Carcia, Editor