Spring 2023





Dallas Atlas (2024) Poetry: “Belief Within Me,” God's Cruel Joke, January 2023.

Ronda Piszk Broatch (2025) Poetry: Chaos Theory for Beginners, MoonPath Press, February 2023; “Chaos as Magical Thinking, or Swoon Hypothesis,” DMQ Review, February 2023; “Late Breakfast, Middle Life,” Tampa Review, 2023.

Amy Cook (2025) Nonfiction: “Always a Sunday Morning,” Bi Women Quarterly, Winter 2022-23; “Sunday Morning Flight,” Not Ghosts, But Spirits I: art from the women’s, queer, trans, & enby communities, December 2022; “Exposure,” The Ana, Issue 11, January 2023. 

Elissa Favero (2024) Book Review: Mouth Full of Seeds, by Marcela Sulak,” Cable Street, Fall/Winter 2022. 

Carolyn Holthoff under the pen name Lena Hari (2025) Fiction: “The Father Tree,” The Plentitudes: Quarterly International Literary Journal, Winter 2023.

Bonnie L. Markowski (2023) Poetry: “Haibun for Charlie’s Trees,” Sonic Boom Journal, December 2022.

antmen pimentel mendoza (2025) Poetry: MY BOYFRIEND APOCALYPSE, Nomadic Press, February 2023.

Dawn Terpstra (2025) Poetry: “Selfie with Lunar Landing” and “Christmas Eve at the Hampton Inn,” Halfway Down the Stairs, December 2022; “Night flights,” Quartet Journal, January 2023; “Jello in Hard Times: Cranberry-Apple Salad,” Plainsongs, January 2023.

Janna Wagner (2025) Nonfiction: “I Whisper As I Hear Him Sleep” and “Land and loss: on seasons,” The Ana, January 2023; “Veil,” Quibble, January 2023.


Nancy Canyon (2007) Poetry: “Crowned Rocket Bird,” 2022 Poetry Marathon Anthology, Authors Publish Press, March 2023.

Lisa Morin Carcia (2018) Poetry: “The Astronaut’s Mother,” SWWIM Every Day, January 2023.

Hannah Comerford (2019) Interview: “Finding the Way through the Dark: A Conversation with K.J. Ramsey, Author of The Book of Common Courage,” Fathom, Rhythms issue, January 2023. Nonfiction: “Separate & Holy,” The Unmooring, Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2023. 

Cate Gable, (2016) Poetry: “Lesson One; Penises,” Rumors Secrets & Lies, Anhinga Press, October 2022; “Crows,” Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens Contest; “Seattle Zen,” Cascadian Zen, Watershed Press, 2022.

Paul Goudarzi-Fry (2022) Poetry: “Position,” HORNS, Issue 2, February 2023; “Photographer,” Reservoir Road, December 2022; “Saturated Ekphrases,” ALOCASIA, March 2023.

Marj Hahne (2015) Poetry: “Sinew,” Bending Genres, Issue 31, February 2023.

Erin Coughlin Hollowell (2009) Poetry: Corvus and Crater, Salmon Poetry, 2023.

Jill McCabe Johnson (2008) Nonfiction: “You Hold the Hand,” Fourth Genre, Fall 2022; German translation of “The Night Gary Drove Me Home,” Stern CrimePoetry: “Starlight Tour,” Bracken, Issue X, Winter 2023; “Great Blue Heron: Origin Story,” Madrona Project: Art in a Public Voice, Empty Bowl Press, 2022; “Tadpole,” Cascadia Field Guide, Mountaineers Books, 2023.

Paula MacKay (2015) Essay: “Heart of a Wolverine,” Rewilding Earth, February 2023.

Preeti Parikh (2021) Poetry: “The [       ] of Skin” and “Of the Body | Your [       ] Catches You,” Hayden's Ferry Review, Issue 71, Fall/Winter 2022.

Ann Quinn (2018) Poetry: “Steinway,” “Roseate Spoonbill,” and “Orchard in Blossom,” Macqueen’s Quinterly, Issue 17, January 2023; “Connecticut Avenue,” Potomac Review, Fall/Winter 2022.

Julie Riddle (2009) Nonfiction: Interview and editing work featured in The Invisible Art of Literary Editing, Bloomsbury Academic, March 2023.

Christine Robbins (2012) Poetry: “A Partial Account of the Trees,” The Missouri Review Online, Poem of the Week, March 2023.

Tina Schumann (2009) Poetry: “Just Yesterday the Crows,” Bracken, Issue ix, June 2022; “Poem in Which I Become My Own Fairytale,” Hunger Mountain Review, Issue 26, Spring 2022; “Melancholy and Joy Walk into a Bar,” Bear ReviewVol 9 Issue 1, 2022; “Body and Soul” and “That Feeling You're Feeling is Called Languishing,” Lily Poetry Review, Issue 8, Summer 2022.

Bucket Siler (2016) Essay: “Creative People,” The Smart Set, November 2022.

Cameron Walker (2008) Fiction: “Pie Tin,” Carve, Winter 2023. Book Review: “The Coast of California: A California Field Atlas, by Obi Kaufmann,” Terrain.org, December 2022.


Kelli Russell Agodon (2007) Craft Book: Demystifying the Manuscript: Essays & Interviews on Creating a Book of Poems, co-authored with Susan Rich, Two Sylvias Press, 2023. 

Rick Barot, Poetry: “The Boy with the Flower Behind His Ear” and “The Streets,” Poetry Magazine, January 2023; “The Lovers,” The New Yorker, January 2023.

Suzanne Berne, Fiction: The Blue Window, novel, Scribner, January 2023. Essay: “Why Write a Novel, Why Read a Novel, and Why Now?” Literary Hub, January 2023.

Barrie Jean Borich (2009) Creative Nonfiction: “The Everyday Invisible,” Conjunctions: 79 (print edition and excerpted online), Fall 2022.

Jennifer Foerster, Poetry: “Tuccēnen.” Poetry Daily, January 2023.

Jenny Johnson, Poetry: “Bottoms,” “Top Drop,” “Golden,” “Tether,” “Nocturne,” “Nobody told us,” and “Supersight,” American Poetry Review, January 2023. Essay: “Change of Address,” Georgia Review, Winter Issue, 2023.