RWW Soundings

Spring 2018





Jasminne Mendez (2019) Poetry: “An Abecedarian Lesson for My Bilingual Students in Houston,” Bird's Thumb, Volume 5, Number 1, February 2018. Creative Nonfiction: “The Burden of Teachable Moments,” The Rumpus, February 6, 2018; “Heart,” Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures, Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 2017. Essay and Poetry Collection: Night-Blooming Jasmin(n)e: Personal Essays and Poems, Arte Público Press, April 2018.

Ann Quinn (2018) Poetry Chapbook: Final Deployment, Finishing Line Press, March 2018.

Jen Soriano (2018) Essay: “Blow,” Pleiades, Volume 38, Number 1, Winter 2018.

Joannie Stangeland (2019) Poetry: "A Lot of Robins Not an Exaltation," "Starting with the News from Greece," Two Hawks Quarterly; "January River," 129+: More Poets of Washington, Issue 4; "Keep Culturing Me," The CDC Poetry Project, February 2018.


Tom Cantwell (2014) Fiction: “Secret Sun Place,” Juked, Winter 2018.

Nancy Canyon (2007) Fiction: “The Daily Pond Walk,” Natural Wonders: An Anthology, Sowing Creek Press, February 2018; “The Things He Secreted,” Beer, Wine, and Spirits Anthology, World Enough Writers, April 2018.

Chelsey Clammer (2016) Essay: “Which Is Another Way of Saying Decay,” The Missing Slate, December 2017; “Chicken Wings Fall from a Building,” Belletrist, January 2018.

Bernard Grant (2016) Fiction: “An Hour from Home,” Day One, December 2017; “The Gap between Us,” The South Carolina Review, Spring 2018.

Katrina Hays (2010) Essay: “We Smiled and Nodded,” WomenArts Quarterly Journal, Volume 7, Number 3, Fall 2017.

Cate Hodorowicz (2016) Nonfiction: “Dazzle, Mimic, Blend,” The Georgia Review, Fall 2017.

Alicia Hoffman (2015) Poetry: “Repair Manual,” Clementine Unbound, October 31, 2017; “History Suggests This Is Only the Beginning,” “Renoir,” The Mantle, Issue 3, Winter 2018; “Provisions for Journey,” “This Haunting We Know,” Bramble & Thorn, Porkbelly Press, December 2017.

Erin Coughlin Hollowell (2009) Poetry Collection: Every Atom, Boreal Books, April 2018. Chapbook: Boundaries, Dancing Girl Press, January 2018.

Emily Holt (2016) Poetry: “Interfaced,” The Best New British and Irish Poets, Eyewear Publishing, May 2018.

Jill McCabe Johnson (2008) Poetry: “Packing for Peace,” The Tishman Review, Volume 4, Number 1, Winter 2018; “Breakaway,” Raven Chronicles, Volume 25, Winter 2018. Essay: “Sound of a Door Closing,” Barely South Review, Volume 9, Number 2, Spring 2018. Foreword: ms. aligned 2: Women Writing about Men, El León Literary Arts, October 2017.

Carol McMahon (2016) Poetry: “Edward Hopper: Chop Suey 1929,” The Ekphrastic Review, December 14, 2017; “Starling,” Stone Canoe, Issue 12, March 2018.

John Milkereit (2016) Poetry: “After Georgia O’Keefe’s Black Cross with Stars and Blue, 1929,” “Bernardo Abeyta Finds the Crucifix That Inspires a Church of Mud and Straw: El Santuario de Chimayo,” Weaving the Terrain: 100-Word Southwestern Poems, Dos Gatos Press, January 2018; “Desperado,” San Pedro River Review, Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 2018; “Monologue of the Creamed Camel,” Echoes of the Cordillera: Attitudes and Latitudes along the Great Divide, Museum of the Big Bend at Sul Ross State University, January 2018.

Sarah Pape (2016) Creative Nonfiction: "Resumé," Rabble Lit, Issue 2; "'Artistically Seeing': Visual Art & the Gestures of Creative Nonfiction," Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies, 4.2.

Christine Robbins (2012) Poetry: “Haunt the door,” Yemassee, December 25, 2017.

K. R. Rosman (2014) Fiction: “Abnormal Exits,” Superstition Review, Issue 20, Fall 2017; “Scales,” Happy², Pure Slush, Volume 15, January 2018.

Tina Schumann (2009) Poetry: “Research Rubato,” “Ocean Fugue,” “Phone Fugue #2,” “Vigil,” The Sundress Blog, January 30, 2018; “Van Gogh in Chicago,” The Ekphrastic Review, December 30, 2017; “Only Then,” Pilgrimage, Volume 41, Number 1, November 2017.

Bucket Siler (2016) Fiction: “Fever,” Bracken, January 2018. Essay: “Mailing a Graphic Novel,” The Nervous Breakdown, January 15, 2018.

Cindy Skaggs (2017) Essays: “Frozen Moment,” Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter 2017; "Inertia," Wanderlust Journal, November 15, 2017.

Molly Spencer (2018) Poetry: “Meditation at Ice-Out,” Ploughshares, Issue 134, Winter 2017–2018; “Disclosures | If you are aware of any shared features,” “Disclosures | If the house is built on a hillside,” The Gettysburg Review, Issue 30, Number 4, Winter 2017; “Self-Portrait as the River Floods,” “Self-Portrait as Something Like a Heart,” New England Review, Volume 38, Number 4, Winter 2017; “Four Views of November,” Crab Orchard Review, Volume 22, Double Issue, Winter 2018; “Love Poem for Lupus,” “At Dock’s End,” Memorious, Issue 28, November 2017.


Rick Barot, Poetry: “A Poem as Long as California,” “On Some Items in the Painting by Velázquez,” Tin House, Volume 19, Number 2, Winter 2017; “Still Life with Helicopters,” Ploughshares, Issue 135, Spring 2018; “The Galleons,” The New Yorker, March 12, 2018.

Barrie Jean Borich, Creative Nonfiction: Apocalypse, Darling, The Ohio State University Press, Mad Creek Crooks/Machete Series in Literary Nonfiction, 2018. Essay: “The King Who Dreamed of Being a Frog: Taylor Mac’s Heretical American History in Song," Los Angeles Review of Books, February 28, 2018.

April Ayers Lawson, Essay: “Abuse, Silence, and the Light That Virginia Woolf Switched On,” Granta, January 2018.

Rebecca McClanahan, Poetry: “Sacrament,” Kenyon Review, Spring 2018. Interview (with Fleda Brown): “A Conversation between Fleda Brown and Rebecca McClanahan,” Shining Rock Poetry Anthology & Book Review, Issue 6, Winter/Spring 2018. Essays: “Stories That Fit My Hands,” The Georgia Review, Winter 2017; “Something Blooming, Hand to Hand,” “A Meditation for Mother’s Day,” Victoria, Spring 2018.

Brenda Miller, Essays: “Pantoum for 1979,” “Crush,” “Swerve,” Flash! Writing the Very Short Story, ed. John Dufresne, W. W. Norton, February 2018. Poetry: “Terminal,” “That Doesn’t Count,” “Coyote,” Sweet: A Literary Confection, Issue 10.2, Winter 2018.

Scott Nadelson, Fiction: The Fourth Corner of the World, Engine Books, February 2018; “A Hole in Everything,” Harvard Review, Issue 51, Winter 2017; “The Prize,” Fiction International, Issue 50, Fall 2017.

Sherry Simpson, Essay: “Lucky You,” Harvard Review, Issue 51, Winter 2017.