Summer 2024





Dallas Atlas (2024) Poetry: “The Snack That Smiles Back,” “sometimes it skips a generation,” The Acentos Review, April 2024.

Gloria Bromberg (2026) Poetry: “My Father’s Florida Driver’s License,” “Sundays in Grandma’s Kitchen,” and “No One Writes Poems For Me,” Hobo Camp Review, Issue 46, April 2024; “Why, You Ask, Do I Prefer Sleeping Alone?” Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal, April 16, 2024; “Living with a Hoarder,” and “McDonald’s: Fairbanks, Alaska,” Brawl Lit, June 3, 2024.

Amy Cook (2025) Nonfiction: “The Phoenix Aces,” Barnstorm Journal, May 2025.

Carolyn Holthoff under the pen name Lena Hari (2025) Fiction: “The Presence of Water,” The Hopper, Issue 9.1, Spring 2024.

Winston Lin under the pen name Winnie CT (2024) Nonfiction: “Coming of Age,” Hellbender Magazine: Metamorphosis, May 2024.

Eric Lochridge (2025) Poetry: “Memory of the Real Estate Collapse” and “Participation Award,” Midway Journal, Vol. 18, Issue 2, April 2024; “Swim Team Titans,” Moss Puppy, Issue 6, Spring 2024; “The Couple Under the Striped Umbrella,” Crab Apple Literary, May 2024.

antmen pimentel mendoza (2025) Poetry: “A Hookup Explains His Planned Ouroboros Tattoo as I Contemplate Deleting All Photos of My Ex from My Phone,” ANMLY, April 2024.

Myrna CG Mibus (2026) Nonfiction: “Grounded,” HeartWood Literary Magazine, Issue 17, Spring 2024.

Dawn Terpstra (2025) Poetry: “Sonnets for a Week Between Seasons” and “Ritual Fires,” The Cities of the Plains: An Anthology of Iowa Artists and Poets, Grand View University, March 12, 2024.


Lisa Morin Carcia (2018) Poetry: “Ceremony After the Ceremony,” ONE ART, June 5, 2024; “Commute,” Poetry in Public, April 4, 2024.

Paul Goudarzi-Fry (2022) Poetry: “Musculature,” Ghost City Review, March 2024; “Flux (I)” and “Weight of the World,” & Change, Issue No. 6, May 2024.

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Emily Holt (2016) Poetry: “The Happiness Quotient,” Ragaire, May 2024.

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Jill McCabe Johnson (2008) Nonfiction: “Crafting Soundscapes,” The Poetry Department, April 2024; “Victim Protection,” Superstition Review, May 2024; “Where Grass Gives Way to Gravel,” trampset, May 2024.

Bonnie Lini Markowski (2023) Poetry: “Hollow Bones,” Quartet Journal, Vol. 4, Issue 2, May 1, 2024; “Soft Pockets, On Farrell Street,” Moria Literary Review, May 6, 2024; “Waxing Moon” and “Salt Lick,” Poetry Breakfast, April and May 2024.

John Milkereit (2016) Poetry: “Newspaper Photograph of Border Agents Discussing the Separation of a Family,” Synkroniciti, June 2024; “Upon Seeing the Glorious Crepuscular Rays,” “Today, Prayer Is a Vast Country,” and “When the Whole World Is Ruled by Love and the Marvelous,” The Ekphrastic Review, April and May 2024.

Vandana Nair (2021) Review: “The Dog of Tithwal,” Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation, June 7, 2024.

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Wendy Call, Nonfiction: “Tens,” Memory's Vault: The Poetic Heart of Fort Worden, Empty Bowl Press, June 2024.

Geffrey Davis, Poetry: “Not to Be Confused with 'Poem,'” The Academy of American Poets, Spring 2024; One Wild Word Away, BOA Editions, April 2024; Nonfiction: “Going to the Body: Meditations on Poetry and Boxing,” The Adroit Journal, May 2024.

Sejal Shah (former faculty member), Fiction: How to Make Your Mother Cry: Fictions, West Virginia University Press, May 2024.

Matt Young, Fiction: End of Active Service, Bloomsbury Publishing, June 2024.