Spring 2024





Dallas Atlas (2024) Poetry: “DominicanRepublic's Counting Stars,” Bellingham Review, January 2024.

Amy Cook (2025) Nonfiction: “Bequest,” Los Angeles Review, January 2024.

Krista Lee Hanson (2026) Book Review: "The Backlist: Anne Boyer's The Undying," Assay Journal, Feb. 5, 2024.

Eric Lochridge (2025) Poetry: “Eyebrows,” Whale Road Review, Winter 2023.

antmen pimentel mendoza (2025) Poetry: "Self-Portrait in a Canadian Tuxedo on the Road to St. George, UT," Best New Poets 2023, February 2024.

Dawn Terpstra (2025) Poetry: “Elegy with Alports Syndrome” and “Ghost Town,” 2River View, 28.2, Winter 2024; “Red Dog Haibun,” Gyroscope Review, Winter 2024.

Janna Wagner (2025) Fiction: "In Search of Omega," The Letter Review, May–June 2023. Poetry: "The Great Disappointment," The Letter Review, July–August 2023.

Cheryl Waitkevich (2025) Poetry: "The Egg Thief,” River Heron Review, Issue 7.1, February 2024; "The Gift,” and “When I Was a Child My Bedroom Window Faced the Apple Trees,” Innisfree Poetry Journal, March 2024.


Jennifer Apostol (2020) Nonfiction: “The Desire We Were Becoming,” The Kenyon Review, Vol. XLVI, No. 1, Winter 2024; “Miracle Dog,” The MockingOwl Roost, Vol. 3, No. 3,  December 2023.

Ann Bodle-Nash (2018) Fiction: “Runaways,” Nobody Left to Blame, Owl Canyon Press, December 2023.

Alice Capshaw (2019) Poetry: “To the Man I Kissed Sitting on a Sunkist Orange Crate Smoking a Doobie,” Rattle, Fall 2023.

Katie Duane (2023) Nonfiction: “Equations for a Falling Body,” Terrain.org, February 2023.

Mike Hunter (2017) Fiction: “Hard Knocks, Chapter 4: Flying Boots,” Grit City Magazine, Hard Copy 21, March 2024.

Jill McCabe Johnson (2008), Poetry: Tangled in Vow & Beseech, MoonPath Press, March 2024; "Stargazing," One Art, December 2023.

Lita Kurth (2009) Nonfiction: One Creative Writing Prompt A Day, Callisto Press,  February 2024.

Paula MacKay (2015) Nonfiction: “Wolverines in a Land of Wildfire: An Abecedarian Essay,” About Place Journal, October 2023.

Bonnie Lini Markowski (2023) Poetry: “White,” The Power of the Feminine I, Thresh Press, January 2024.

John Milkereit (2016) Poetry: “A Prayer” and “Cooking Class with the Mayans,” Abandoned Mine, Issue 8, February 2024; “When the Whole World Is Short-Staffed,” Panoply, Issue 26, Winter 2024; Lost Sonnets for My Unvaccinated Lover, Kelsay Books, December 2023.

Vandana Nair (2021) Book Review: “Pyre,” Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation, December 2023.

Preeti Parikh (2021) Poetry: “A Dye, a Weal, a Spell,” Beloit Poetry Journal, Vol. 73, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2023; “The [       ] of Cloth” and “Corpus | Divine,” The Cincinnati Review, Vol. 20.2, Fall 2023.

Tina Schumann (2009) Poetry: “White Jeans, So Clean,” Catamaran Literary Reader, Winter 2024; “Worlds Colliding,” About Place Journal.

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Cameron Walker (2008) Poetry: “Farm Dinner, Forest Grove, July 2017,” Last Leaves Magazine, Fall 2023. Fiction: “Mr. October,” Storm Cellar, November 2023. 


Jenny Johnson, Poetry: “When I Was Straight,” Limp Wrist, No. 9.1, December 2023; “When I Was Straight,” American Poetry Review, January 2023. Nonfiction: “The Distractable Life: Trying to be Engaged in a World Longing for Your Attention,” A Mollusk Without a Shell: Essays on Self-Care for Writers, University of Akron Press, March 2024; “Change of Address,” Georgia Review, Winter Issue, 2023.

Geffrey Davis, Poetry: One Wild Word Away, BOA Editions, April 2024. Interview: “When I Wasn’t Vanishing,” Broadsided, October 2023.