Fall 2020


We ❤ RWW!

Sydney Elliott, Managing Editor (Class of 2015)

We ❤ RWW!


Sydney Elliott
Managing Editor
Class of 2015

The summer residency is at the heart of the RWW program. It’s a chance to connect, learn, and submerge ourselves into a writer’s universe for over a week. For some, it’s also an opportunity to shed our roles as parents, partners, and employees, and allow our dreams and visions as writers to shine without distractions. We attend morning craft talks, workshops, and readings; we stay up too late working on assignments, or connecting with classmates, faculty, and people we only see once a year. When we return home, we are exhausted, but we have our new mentors and mentees; we are ready to work, and look forward to the next residency when we can do it all again.

This year looked a little different, but the heart of the program was still there. We still had craft talks, workshops, and readings. Our faces still held the excitement of what we were hearing and learning. It was bittersweet seeing our community on the screen instead of in person, but what the screen could not hide is our love for RWW and all it entails. So until next year, work hard and keep the faith. And a big congratulations to our 2020 graduates!

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