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Jessica Barksdale (2015)–Fiction: “Luck,” The Boiler, 12, Summer 2014; “Big as the World,” Per Contra, Summer 2014; “Turnip,” Bay Laurel, Spring 2014; “Monsters in the Agapnathus,” Lunch Ticket, April 2014. Essay: “Failure to Disperse,” Storyacious, April 2014; “Boots,” Compose, April 2014.

Shannon Bates (2017)–Fiction: “Thou Shalt Steal Only This,” A Year in Ink, Volume 7.

Chelsey Clammer (2016)–Review: Salt Hill Journal #32, The Review Review, May 2014; “On The Object Parade by Dinah Lenney,” The Nervous, May 4, 2014; “Critique of Michelle Orange’s This is Running for Your Life,” Cigale Lit Magazine, April 2014; “Review of Journal of Experimental Fiction,” The Review Review, April 2014; “Critique of Thalia Field’s Bird Lovers, Backyard,” Gazing Grain Press, April 2014. Essay: “The Howls of Our Homes,” Owen Wister, May, 2014; “Overalls,” Progenitor, May 2014; “That’s Dirty,” Whistle Fire, May 2014; “On Three,” New Delta Review, May 2014; “Curtains,” Seltzer, April 2014; “What You Finally Attend To,” Cobalt Review, March 2014; “Same/Different,” Work Literary Magazine, July 2014. Interviews: YA fiction author, Carrie Mesrobian (2013), for The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review; “Spotlight on Amber Dawn,” The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review, July 3, 2014. Short Story: “Shape Up,” Sterling Magazine, July 2014. 

Bernard Grant (2016)–Flash Fiction: “The Child,” Blue Lyra Review, April 2014. Flash Nonfiction: “Coddled,” The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, May 2014. 

Jeb Harrison (2015)–Essay: “Down South, Where Everybody Knows My Name,” Mill Valley Literary Review, Spring 2014.

Marj Hanhe (2014)–Interview: With Carrie Mesrobian (2013) as part of Marj’s author series presented through The Avocado Sisterhood. Listen to their conversation via SoundCloud. 

Alicia Hoffman (2015)–Poetry: “Monosonnet for the Susquehanna, Interrupted,” Red Paint Hill Quarterly, Spring 2014; “Mother” and “Father,” Words Dance, Issue 17, June 2014. 

Warren Read (2015)–Fiction: “View From the Porch,” Hot Metal Bridge, Spring 2014.



Kelli Russell Agodon (2007)–Poetry: “Braided Between the Broken,” New England Review, Volume 35, Issue 1, 2014. 

Andrew Bennett (2013)–Poetry: “Vintners,” The Hollins Critic, June 2014; “Spring, 1989,” Rattle, Summer 2014.

Nancy Canyon (2007)–Poetry: Saltwater, Independent Writers’ Studio, 2014; “Why I Am the Way I Am,” Clover, A Literary Rag, Spring 2014. Fiction: “Journeys: Corral Hill,” Whatcom Writers, 2014. 

Katie Eberhart (2010)–Poetry: “The Word is Field,” Extract(s), May 6, 2014; “New Home,” Elohi Gadugi Journal, Spring 2014. Essays: “Deleted Morsels,” 49 Writers, April 2; “Digressive Travel,” 49 Writers, April 9; “Common Life,” 49 Writers, April 16; “Abandoning Chronology,” 49 Writers, April 23, 2014.

Kate Carroll de Gutes (2010)–Nonfiction: “Bake Delicious Bread,” Los Angeles Review, Volume 14, Fall 2013; “What I Won’t Wear,” Fourth Genre, Volume 16, Spring 2014; “What I Will Wear,” Fourth Genre, Volume 16, Spring 2014; “Can You Hear Me Now?” Brevity, May 2014.

Adrian Gibbons Koesters (2007)–Review: “Glenna Luschei’s The Sky Is Shooting Blue Arrows,” Prairie Schooner, University of New Mexico Press, Fall 2014.

Lita Kurth (2009)–Poetry: “Community,” New People, Vol. 44, No. 3, March 2014, Thomas Merton Center, Pittsburgh.

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor (2012)–Essay: “Chasing After Papang,” Hawaii Pacific Review, June 2014.

Buzz Mauro (2008)–Fiction: “The Trachtenberg Speed System,” Confrontation, Issue 115, Spring 2014.  

Anne McDuffie (2007)–Review: Seven Views of the Same Landscape by Esther Tusquets, translated by Barbara F. Ichiishi,” Colorado Review Online, June 2014.

Christine Robbins (2012)–Poetry: “Concessions for the earthbound,” The Georgia Review, Summer 2014; “Colors of the almost drowned,” “Generous,” “King tide,” “Late winter suite,” “The day I mistook you for me,” Talking River Review, Spring/Summer 2014; “Poisoning rats in the back porch wall,” Willow Springs, Issue No. 74. 

Lois Rosen (2010)–Fiction: “Splinters,” in the anthology, The Night, and the Rain, and the River, Forest Avenue Press, Spring 2014.

Hilary Schaper (2008)–Essay: “Standing,” Jenny, Issue 007, Spring 2014.

Tina Schumann (2009)–Poetry: “It is the Night That Lets Me Down,” and “Central Ave,” The Lost River Review, 2014.

Kathi Rivers Shannon (2008)–Fiction: “Survival,” High Desert Journal, Issue 19, Spring 2014.

Justin Wadland (2011)–Nonfiction: Trying Home: The Rise and Fall of an Anarchist Utopia on Puget Sound, Oregon State University Press, June, 2014; “Saint Anthony and Lost Things,” Killing the Buddha, June 4, 2014.



David BiespielPoetry: “With Passing Wonder I Notice the Tracks of an Animal,” Poem-a-Day, June 18, 2014, 

Dinah Lenney–Essay: “This Old Watch,” The Harvard Review online, January 2014; “Metronome,” AGNI online, March 2014; “Collar,” The Nervous Breakdown, April, 2014; “Parade,” The Sunday Rumpus, April, 2014; “Future Imperfect,” Bending Genre, May, 2014; “Not-Quite-Naked,” Tri-Quarterly Review, Summer, 2014.

Scott Nadelson–Fiction: “The Measure of a Man,” Harvard Review, Issue 45; “Girl Made of Metal,” Passages North, Issue 35; “Some Macher,” Arts & Letters, Spring 2014.

Ann Pancake–Fiction: “Rockhounds,” Agni, Spring 2014. 

Peggy Shumaker–Poetry: “Gates of the Arctic,” “New Wings,” “Clowns,” “Ask Me Again,” and “Small Town Emergency Room,” Talking River, 2014; “Past Middle Age,” in Poems from the Southern States, Persimmon Tree (for which she was Guest Editor); “News That Stays News,” “Beyond Words, This Language,” “Naming What We Hold In Our Hand,” “Chatanika,” and “Long Before We Got Here, Long After We’re Gone,” The Burden of Light (anthology), Tanya Chernov, ed., 2014.


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