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Jessica Barksdale (2015) Poetry: “How to Save Yourself if You’re Choking,” The Virginia Normal, Spring 2015; “Guide,” West Trade Review, Spring 2015, Volume 6; “Gertrude,” The Literary Nest, Spring 2015. Nonfiction: “Backseat,” Foliate Oak, May 1, 2015. Fiction: “Higgins’ Ghost,” Your Impossible Voice, Volume 8, June 5, 2015.

Shannon Bates (2017) Fiction: “Neighboring Tones,” A Year In Ink, Vol. 8, April 2015; “Carnival,”, June 2015.

Ann Bodle-Nash (2018) Fiction:Film is the Cure,” Shark Reef Magazine, Issue 25, Winter 2015. This story also appears in the 2015 Skagit Valley Writers League Anthology.

Lisa Carcia (as L. J. Morin) (2018) Poetry: “Invocation,” North American Review, Spring 2015; “Venezuela, 1800,” Jack Straw Writers Anthology, Volume 19, 2015; “If You Could See Your Old Home Again,” Poetry on Buses, May 25, 2015.

 Chelsey Clammer (2016) Review: “Into the Wilderness: A Review of The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far by Quintan Wikswo,” Electric Lit, June 2015; “Review of Dan Beachy-Quick’s Shields & Shards & Stitches & Songs,” Word Riot, June 2015; “Review of Able Muse,” The Review Review, April 2015; “Review of Story Club Magazine,” The Review Review, June 2015. Essay: “Mother Tongue,” Black Warrior Review, April 2015; “A Message to Writers from Editors: We Love You,” The Review Review, May 2015; “What It’s Like to Love Someone,” Dirty Chai, May 2015; “On Revision: Cut it Out,” Behind the Prose, April 2015.

Bernard Grant (2016) Fiction: “The Way We Worked,” 2015 Jack Straw Writers Anthology; “Whip,” Thin Air, Spring 2015; “Rusty and Lulu,“ Cactus Heart, Summer 2015. Essay: “Paper Clips,” Museum of Americana, Spring 2015.

Alicia Hoffman (2015) Poetry: “Rook,” A-Minor Magazine, May 2015; “Here Will Burn For Us,” Rust + Moth, Summer 2015; “Says the Angel to the Body,” Poetry Pacific, May 2015; “The Fall,” Turtle Island Quarterly, Spring 2015; “Damage” and “A Quick Departure of Grief,” Word Riot, Summer 2015; “Resistance,” Lake Effect Magazine, Summer 2015; “Le Petite Mort,” Redactions: Poetry & Poetics, Issue 19, Summer 2015. Review: “Everything Solid Is Moving: On James Grabill’s Sea-Level Nerve (Book One),” Redactions: Poetry & Poetics, Issue 19, Summer 2015.

Carol McMahon (2016) Poetry: “Arson” and “My Mother’s House,” IthacaLit, Summer 2015. 

Mina Mitchell (2018) Fiction: “Imperfect Place,” Literary Mama, June 2015.

Tammy Robacker (2016) Poetry: “Pornography,” VoiceCatcher Journal, Summer 2015; “Hymen,” Chiron Review, Winter 2016.

Molly Spencer (2017) Poetry: “Onset,” Bellingham Review, Issue 70, Spring 2015; “Survival Guide for the Girl Trying to Avoid Capture,” and “Letter to a Husband Away on Business,” Cave Wall, Number 13, Spring 2015. Review: Bone Map by Sara Eliza Johnson, The Rumpus, June 24. 

Billie Swift (2016) Poetry: “Scrambled Eggs,” Crab Creek Review, Spring 2015.

Ann Quinn (2018) Poetry: “Mother’s Day, 2014” and “All-Souls Eve,” Anima, Issue 1; “Ma,” Beechwood Review, June 1.

Amy Young (2016) Poetry: “Ossicles,” Northern Virginia Review, Vol. 29, Spring 2015. Poetry Review: Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery by Tim Earley, Rain Taxi, Vol. 20, Number 1, Spring 2015.


Kelli Russell Agodon (2007) Poetry: “Braided Between the Broken,” New England Review, December 2014; “Coupling” The Rumpus, April 2015; “The Botanists,” Frye Art Museum #SocialMedia Tour, November 2014; “Landscape in a Landscape,” “Waltz With Retirement Planning & Smoke,” and “Tequila Sunrise Waltz,” Plume 2015; “Letting Gatsby Out at 11 pm,” B O D Y, 2014; “Love Waltz with Fireworks,” One: Jacar Press, 2014. 

Andrew Bennett (2013) Poetry: “A Spotted Flicker,” “Grandpa at the Hollow,” “Take Off,” “Nuptials,” and “The Cub and the 404,” Fifth Wednesday Plus, Spring 2015.

Tom Cantwell (2014) Fiction: “Smoke,” New Ohio Review, Spring 2015; “Big Mother,” Flyway, Spring 2015.

Bill Capossere (2010) Fiction: “Museum of Grace,” Chautauqua, June 2015. Review: “Reading Nicholas Baker with J.C. Hallman,” reviewing B & Me: A True Story of Literary Arousal by J. C. Hallman, The Los Angeles Review of Books, March 2015.

Kate Carroll de Gutes (2010) Essay Collection: Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, Ovenbird Books, June 2015.

Katrina Hays (2010)–Poetry and Interview: “The Spirit of Where We Are,” five collaborative works with photographer, Steven McBurnett, Bellingham Review, Spring 2015.

Erin Coughlin Hollowell (2009) Poetry:Backward as well as forward sluing,” Prairie Schooner, Spring 2015, Vol. 89, No. 1.

Holly Hughes (2006) Interview: “Reflections on Fifty Years of Engagement with the Natural World,” interview with Robert Michael Pyle, natural history writer, Terrain: A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments, June 2015 issue. 

April Ayers Lawson (2008) Fiction: “Three Friends in a Hammock,” The Oxford American: The Fiction Issue 2015.

Carrie Mesrobian (2013) Novel: Cut Both Ways, HarperCollins, September 1, 2015.

Kay Mullen (2007) Poetry: “With Intention,” Valparaiso Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 2015; “Elegy,” Shark Reef, Summer, 2015.

Judith Pulman (2012) Essay: “Nobody,” VoiceCatcher, Spring 2015. Poetry Translation: “Relearning Solitude,” The Penguin Anthology of Russian Poetry, Winter 2015. Essay: “Prelude to the Performance,” Under the Gum Tree, Winter 2015.

Lois Rosen (2010) Fiction: “My Marty,” Clackamas Literary Review, Volume XIX, 2015; “Sleepless” and “Washday,” Salem Weekly, May 14, 2015.

Tina Schumann (2009) Poetry: “Ode to Time, Lance and December Rain” and “Overture (anticipation),” Nimrod: International Journal of Prose and Poetry, Spring/Summer 2015; “Another Voyage,” The Human Journal, Issue #4.

Bill Sommer (2012) Novel: A 52-Hertz Whale, Carolrhoda Lab/Lerner Books, September 2015; co-written with Natalie Tilghman (2011).

Cindy Stewart-Rinier (2012) Review: “The Independent Seat: A Review of Judith Barrington’s The Conversation,Critical Flame, July/August 2015. Poetry: “Super 8 Voiceover” and “Stoichiometry,” Universal Table’s anthology Siblings: Our First Macrocosm, July 2015.

Anita Sullivan (2008) Novel (literary fantasy): Ever After, Burning Daylight Press. Essay: “Afterword,” The Song of Songs: Codes of Love, Cascade Books/Wipf and Stock, 2015.

Natalie Tilghman (2011) Novel: A 52-Hertz Whale, Carolrhoda Lab/Lerner Books, September 2015; co-written with Bill Sommer (2012).

Tarn Wilson (2008) Essay: “Why We Don’t Have Children,” River Teeth, Spring 2015. 


Rick Barot, Book: Chord, Sarabande Books, July 2015. Poetry: “Child Holding Potato,” The New York Times Magazine, April 2015; “Lighthouse,” The Human, Spring 2015; “Whitman, 1841,” Waxwing, Spring 2015. Review: “On Killarney Clary’s Shadow of a Cloud But No Cloud,” On the Seawall, April 2015. Interview: “Five Questions with Rick Barot,” Writing Like an Asian, April 2015.

Greg Glazner, Review: “Thomas Page McBee’s Man Alive,” The Los Angeles Review of Books, January 4, 2015. Poetry: “Lovers Rock,” Clash by Night (anthology), City Lit Books 2015.  

Adrianne Harun, Fiction: “Temptation of the Tutelary” (read at the 2014 residency), Cincinnati Review, Summer 2015.

Scott Nadelson, Fiction: “Glad Hand,” Sou’wester, Spring 2015.



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