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Jessica Barksdale (2015) Fiction: How to Bake a Man, Ghostwoods Books, October 2014.

Chelsey Clammer (2016) Flash Fiction: “Ill” and “Liked,” Lamp Lit Underground, August 2014; “Vaginatarian,” Quaint Magazine, August 2014. Essays: “The Lil’ Lesbo-Festo,” Crab Fat Magazine, October 2014; “Our Father,” Stoneslide Corrective, October 2014; “Trigger Warnings,” Essay Daily, July 2014; “Coupons,” Free State Review, Summer 2014; “10 Warning Labels that Could Have Helped My College GPA,” The Drunken Odyssey, October 2014. Reviews: “Review of Lacy M. Johnson’s The Other Side,” Electric Lit, October 2014; “Review of Ninth Letter,” The Review Review, July 2014; “Review of Storm Cellar,” The Review Review, October 2014; “Review of Flag + Void,” The Review Review, November 2014.  Interview: Artist Christi Furnas with The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review, October 2014; Sarabande poet David Tomas Martinez with The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review October 2014; Essayist Arianne Zwartjes with The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review, September 2014; Author Kathie Bergquist with The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review, July 2014; Poet and Memoirist Amber Dawn with The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review, July 2014.

Cate Hennessey (2016) Essay: “Look at the Horses,” The Doctor T.J Eckleburg Review, September 20014; “Balcony,” The Doctor T.J Eckleburg Review, October 2014.

Alicia Hoffman (2015) Poetry: “How to Put a Chicken to Sleep,” Decades Review, Issue 12; “Study in Blue,” Vayavya, Monsoon 2014; “Lost,” The Subterranean Quarterly, Fall 2014; “Let There Be Light,” “This Is Just To Say,” and “After Robert Hass,” Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal, Fall 2014.  

Julie Jeanell Leung (2015) Essay: “Selkie,” Rose Red Review, Issue No. 9 Summer 2014. Flash Nonfiction: “Barnacle Envy,” Festival Writer, 2:7 August 2014.

Sarah Pape (2017) Essay: “Enough,” Ecotone, Issue 18, Fall 2014; “Water From A Well,” in the anthology, Full Grown People’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, (2014).

Molly Spencer (2017) Poetry: “The Mail Order Bride Examines her Lineage,” “The Mail Order Bride Learns to Tie Knots,” “The Mail Order Bride Visits,” “The Mail Order Bride Explains Herself,” “The Mail Order Bride Leaves Instructions in Case of Her Untimely Demise Years Later,” and “The Mail Order Bride Finds her Answer to his Ad in the Sock Drawer,” Quarterly West, October 2014.

Tammy Robacker (2016) Poetry: “The Mop Commercial,” Crab Creek Review, November 2014; “Transaction 7766,” The Cartonera Anthology, October 2014; “Mein Kampf,” The Riveter Review, August 2014; “Dreaming of My Grandma Pearle,” Heroine Zine, Issue 3, Spring 2014.

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha (2017) Poetry: “Running Orders” and “My Mother Returns to Her Childhood Home,” Human, September 2014; “How Never to Make Arabic Coffee,” “Rules of Recitation,” “It’s Beirut Out Here,” “Upon Arrival,” and “Naming It,” Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art, September 2014; “Water & Salt,” The Lake Journal for Poetry, September 2014; “National Security Advisory,” Pontoon, October 2014.


Angela Allen (2014) Poetry: “Dating a Dutch Scientist” and “Gold in the Mouth,” Watershed Review, December 2014.

Jay Bates (2007) Fiction: “Like What Soup Reveals,” The Florida Review, Volume 38, Numbers 1 & 2, 2014.

Tom Cantwell (2014) Fiction: “Dunes,” Newfound, Fall 2014.

Nancy Canyon (2007) Poetry: “Why I Am Who I Am,” Clover: A Literary Rag, Volume 7, 2014.

Bill Capossere (2010) Essay: “Man in the Moon,” reprinted in Man in the Moon: Essays on Fathers and Fatherhood, University Press Colorado, May 2014.

Maddaline Enns (2011) Essay: “Songlines, Salmon, and the Singularity of Bones: How Our Attachment to Landscape Poses Us in Place,” The South Carolina Review, Volume 47, Number 1, Fall 2014.

Casey Fuller (2009) Poetry: “The Time Before Leaf Blowers,” ZYZZYVA,
Fall 2014. “Bro” and “The Greatest,” Soundings Review, Spring/Summer

Holly Hughes (2006) Essay:  “Women, Voice, Birds & Place,” Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, Vol. 91, Fall 2014.

M.J. Iuppa (2006) Essay: “Blind Date, 1970,” Puchnel’s, November 2014.

Adrian Gibbons Koesters (2007) Poetry: “Our Goodness,” Split Rock Review, September 2014; “A Nun Takes a Lover,” White Stag Journal, October 2014.

Jean A. Kingsley McDonough (2008) Poetry: “A Brief History of Vowels” and “A Marked Heart,” Amethyst Arsenic, Fall 2013; “Designing Hats,” Damselfly, Fall 2013; “Oil Tank,” Storyscape Journal, Fall 2013; “Late Note to My Sister,” Stone Highway Review, Spring 2014; “Apology to Wrigley, et. al.,” Apeiron Review, Spring 2014.

Carrie Mesrobian (2013) Book: Perfectly Good White Boy, Carolrhoda books, October 2104. Essay: “Why Is It Wet Here?” in Love & Profanity: A Collection of True, Tortured, Wild, Hilarious, Concise & Intense Tales of Teenage Life, Nick Healy, Ed., Switch Press, March 2015.

Kay Mullen (2007) Poetry: “Art Gallery Karma,” Floating Bridge Review, Fall 2014.

Judith Pulman (2012) Craft Essay: “When Free Writing Will Not Make You Free: Resistance Training for Writers,” Brevity, Fall 2014. Poem: “The Meek Shall Inherit,” Drunken Boat, Spring 2014.

Julie Riddle (2009) Essay: “Camp Elohim,” How to Pack for Church Camp, May 2014.

Tina Schumann (2009) Poetry: “Highway 99,” Midwest Quarterly, Spring 2014; “Bad Weather Romance,” Switched-on Gutenberg, Issue 20; “Consider This,” Atticus Review, August 2014.

Cindy Stewart-Rinier (2012) Poetry: “After Three Angels Come to You in a Dream” and “Bear,” Naugatuck River Review, Summer 2014; “Summer, When Green Turns” and “Under the Tongue,” VoiceCatcher Journal, Summer 2014.


Barrie Jean Borich (Faculty and Alumnus 2009) Creative Nonfiction: Inter-Review: Barrie Jean Borich and Arianne Zwartjes on Anatomies and Essay Maps,” Fourth Genre, Summer 2014; “Irregular,” MAKE, Issue 15, Summer 2014; “Let’s Say This Naked Ringing,” TriQuarterly, Summer 2014, The Naked Series.

David Allan Cates, Fiction: Tom Connor’s Gift, Bangtail Press, October 2014.

Stephen Corey, Poetry: “Here” and “The Two Rats of Art,” in Kestrel #33, Fall 2014.

Brenda Miller, Essay: “Regeneration,” in the anthology True Stories Well Told (work from 20 Years of Creative Nonfiction), Fall 2014; “Ordinary Shoes,” Brevity, Fall 2014.


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