RWW Soundings

Soundings History

was created by an RWW participant who became acquainted with publishing during her Outside Experience. The Outside Experience (or OE) is a unique component of the RWW program that requires a participant to engage in
an independent project generated by the participant to benefit his or her writing life in the second year of the program. As a result of her OE as an intern at Copper Canyon Press in 2008, Katrina Hays (Class of 2010) saw a need for a publishing and communication arm of the RWW program and, thus, conceived Soundings. She breathed life into Soundings for its first two years until she graduated, supervising its seamless transition from an email-distributed PDF to a handsome new online presence. Katrina continued to nurture Soundings as Editorial Consultant to student editors, assistant editors, and Webmaster until 2013.