About Rainier Writing Workshop

Rainier Writing Workshop is the Northwest’s Premier Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing.  Join a community of independent writers—an atmosphere in which your work will flourish. RWW is an innovative three-year, four-residency program that provides a high-quality experience at a more leisurely pace, perfect for busy professionals and those who wish to take time to develop their work’s fullest potential.

“This is a small, very selective program for motivated and experienced adults. There are high standards, but no condescension, no enforcing an aesthetic as if it were The Aesthetic. Instead, individual choices, individual challenges, individual achievement—all of which it is our job to support.  As a writer, I know writing is a way of being. There’s a time for community, and a time for solitude. When we’re together, sparks will fly, and there will be high spirits as well as intelligent conversation with people who care about writing. Bring your passion to residency. When you’re working at home, you will have new voices, new skills, and a new vision working for you. The process matters as much as a credential. The purpose? What you make it.”

—Stan Sanvel Rubin, Director of the Rainier Writing Workshop

Learn more about the Rainier Writing Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University here, or contact the program directly here.