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Jasminne Mendez (2019) Poetry: “Counting Beads,” “Outsourced: A Love Song,” “Small Talk After a Reading in Texas: A Haitian Massacre,” The Acentos Review, November 2016.

Ann Quinn (2018) Poetry: “To Be Opened,” Little Patuxent Review, Issue 21, “Prison,” Winter 2017; “Watercolor,” Potomac Review, Issue 60, February 2017; “Fragile Beauty,” Haibun Today, Volume 11, Number 1, March 2017.

Jen Soriano (2018) Essay: “Loverboy,” TAYO, Issue 6, 2016–2017.

Molly Spencer (2017) Poetry: “Night Repairs,” “Tentative Theories,” Poetry NorthwestVolume XI, Issue 2, Winter & Spring 2017.

Joannie Stangeland (2019) Poetry: “Wishing You,” Valparaiso Poetry Review, Volume XVIII, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2016–2017; “The Fledgling,” Ascent, December 5, 2016; “When Time Becomes My Best Blue Dress,” Clockhouse, Volume Four, 2016; “Self-Portrait, Framed by Bridges, a Vaporetto,” Cirque, Issue 15, Volume 8, Number 1, December 2016.

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha (2017) Poetry Chapbook: Arab in Newsland, Two Sylvias Press, 2017.


Jessica Barksdale (2015) Short Stories: “Rachel Finally Red,” Eunoia Review, October 2016; “Old Cadillac People,” Scintilla, Issue Ten, December 2016; “Hunting,” Obra/Artifact, January 2017; “Theft,” Pretty Owl Poetry, Issue 12, Winter 2017; “Some Place Not Here,” Cahoodaloodaling, Issue 22, “Of Distance and Discord,” Winter 2017. Essay: “To My Forties,” The Chaos, Winter 2017.

Nancy Canyon (2007) Poetry: “Seeking the Whisper,” Secrets & Dreams, Kind of a Hurricane Press, June 2016. Nonfiction: “Losing My Virginity,” Memory into Memoir, Red Wheelbarrow Writers, September 2016.

Chelsey Clammer (2016) Essay: “Collection,” Hobart, November 2016. Book Review: Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin, The Rumpus, March 2017. Hybrid Craft Essay: “Flowchart for Fixing an Awkward Sentence,” Passages North, Writers on Writing #117, January 2017. Column: What My Submissions Spreadsheet Teaches Me,” December 2016; “Hard-Working Writer Seeks Widely-Read Journal,” January 2017; “Rejection Acceptance,” February 2017, WOW! Women On Writing.

Bernard Grant (2016) Essays: “I Only Remember What You’ve Told Me,” New Delta ReviewIssue 7.1, Winter 2016; “Community,” Lunch Ticket, Winter/Spring 2017; “Bereaved,” Selected Memories: Five Years of Hippocampus Magazine, Hippocampus Books, February 2017. Short Story: “The Way We Work,” The Nervous Breakdown, November 2016.

Jeb Harrison (2012) Fiction: The Healing of Howard Brown, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, August 2016.

Alicia Hoffman (2015) Poetry: “This Haunting We Know,” “Elegy,” Dying Dahlia ReviewWinter 2017; “Every Day I Discover Something,” Amaryllis, December 2016; “Lodestar,” Random Sample Review, November 2016; “Cardinal,” “My Demoiselle Crane,” Birdsong: Poems in Celebration of Birds, FootHills Publishing, January 2017.

Erin Coughlin Hollowell (2009) Poetry: “All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,” “The palpable in its place and the impalpable in its place,” “Life wherever moving,” Talking River, Issue 41, Winter 2016; “A uniform hieroglyphic,” “Continue your annotations, continue your questionings,” “Those wing’d purposes,” “In vessels that sail, my words sail,” Escape Into Life, November 2016.

Emily Holt (2016) Poetry: “Do You Take This Man?,” Abridged, November 2016.

M. J. Iuppa (2006) Poetry: “Untitled,” Birdsong: Poems in Celebration of Birds, FootHills Publishing, January 2017.

Jill McCabe Johnson (2008) Poetry Collection: Revolutions We’d Hoped We’d Outgrown, Finishing Line Press, January 2017; Poetry: “Stained Glass,” Rock & Sling, Issue 11.2, February 2017; “Dear World,” A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments, February 2017; “Gymnosperm,” “Nurselog Sprig,” Pontoon Poetry, Issue 12, January 2017.

Adrian Koesters (2007) Poetry Collection: Three Days with the Long Moon: PoemsBrickHouse Books, January 2017.

Anne McDuffie (2007) Book Reviews: Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear by Kate Carroll de Gutes, Raven Chronicles Journal, Volume 23, Fall/Winter 2017; The White Swallow by Anna KovatchevaColorado Review, September 2016; This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! by Jonathan Evison, Colorado Review, June 2016; “And everything a scenic view,” It Shouldn’t Have Been Beautiful by Lia Purpura, The Seattle Review of Books, March 14, 2016. Fiction: “Looking In,” Raven Chronicles Journal, Volume 23, Fall/Winter 2017.

Carol McMahon (2016) Poetry: “Original Sin,” “One Dancer,” “I am tired of the waste,” Rat’s Ass Review, “Love & Ensuing Madness” issue, January 2017; “Plain Truths,” “The Body Farm,” “Green Boots,” The Ekphrastic Review, January 2017; “Hawk” and “Resident Geese,” The Wild Word, January 19, 2017.

Debbie Clarke Moderow (2013) Essay: “The Narrow Line: Where Art Meets Science,” In a Time of Change: Microbial Worlds.

Kay Mullen (2007) Poetry: “The Nisqually Delta,” Appalachia Journal, Winter/Spring 2017.

Sarah Pape (2016) Poetry: “Orphans Come to Witness Our Wedding,” “How to Be a Beaver,” The American Journal of Poetry, January 2017. Creative Nonfiction: “Grand Avenue,” 2016 Iron Horse Literary Review Nonfiction Trifecta, December 2016; “Eternal Father & the Other Army,” Lunch Ticket, Diana Woods Memorial Award Winner, Winter/Spring 2017.

Tammy Robacker (2016) Poetry: “Bad Girls,” Alyss Journal, Winter 2017; “I Know Patrick Swayze,” “Sliver of Light,” Lumen Magazine, January 2017; “Agoraphobia,” “Memory, the Wooded Area,” Sheila-Na-Gig, Winter 2016; “Jackson Pollock Paints Pammy T’s Daddy,” Unbroken Journal, Issue 12, January 2017; “Suicide 1979,” MARY: A Journal of New Writing, Fall 2016; “Groomed,” Ovenbird Poetry, Issue Four, “The Ovenbird Never Blinks,” January 2017; “Translating My Oma’s Letters,” Blue River Journal, The Editors’ Prize Series, January 2017; “American Eagles: A Totem,” Pilgrimage Journal, Volume 40, Issue 1–2, “Injustice & Protest,” January 2017.

Christine Robbins (2012) Poetry: “Salt for a wound that widens,” The Los Angeles ReviewVolume 20.

Lois Rosen (2010) Fiction: “Herring,” The Timberline Review, Winter/Spring 2017.

K.R. Rosman (2014) Fiction: “What I Would Tell You if You Would Listen,” Magnolia Review, Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2017.

Hilary Schaper (2008) Essay: “Re-cognitions,” Baltimore Review, Winter 2017.

Tina Schumann (2009) Poetry Collection: Requiem: A Patrimony of FuguesDiode Editions, 2016 Chapbook Award. Poetry: “In Concert,” “Phone Fugue #1,” “Long Distance Dirge,” DiodeVolume 10, Number 1, Tenth Anniversary Issue. 

Cindy Stewart-Rinier (2012) Poetry: “Seven Degrees from Vertical,” Naugatuck River Review, February 2017.

Anita Sullivan (2008) Poetry Chapbook: And If the Dead Do Dream, Uttered Chaos, December 2016.


Rick Barot, Poetry: “The Grasshopper and the Cricket,” The Threepenny Review, Spring 2017; “UDFJ-39546284,” Arroyo Literary Review, Spring 2017.

Dinah Lenney, Essay: “A Longer Reach: Thanksgiving 2016,” Los Angeles Review of BooksNovember 2016.

Rebecca McClanahan, Essays: “What Love Looks Like From Here,” The Sun, Issue 494, February 2016; “Her Company,” “The Woman at the Mall,” The Gettysburg Review, Spring 2017.

Marjorie Sandor, Essays: “A Winter’s Journey,” Opera News, November 2016; “Ocean Lights: An Orkney Pilgrimage,” Listen: Music with Life and Culture, Winter 2017.

Peggy Shumaker, Poetry: “Once You Name It,” “Gravity,” “Decisive Victory,” “Braided River,” “Taproots,” “July on the Chena,” “Polished Table,” “Gnawed Bones,” “Basilisk Lizard,” “Sloth,” Persimmon Tree, featured poet 2017; “Parenthood, Unplanned,” Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts, “Truth to Power” special issue, January 2017.



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