Welcome to the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Soundings. Soundings will continue to be a tri-annual publication with forthcoming issues in Spring and Summer 2014. I would like to thank everyone who helped me transition into the role of editor this year. The list is long and includes all the participants and faculty of RWW, as I am grateful for their support. But a big thanks to past editor Sidney Brammer, founding editor Katrina Hays, program assistant Rebecca Saxton, and of course, RWW directors Stan Rubin and Judith Kitchen.

Welcome also to our new assistant editor, Chelsey Clammer (2016), and web designer, Steve McBurnett, who join the Soundings team with this issue. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to PLU faculty member, Rick Barot, who joins our RWW family this coming year.

Fittingly, this year’s theme will be communion, inspired by a morning craft talk by poet and critic, David Biespiel, at the 2013 Residency. David continues to explore the symbiotic connection between writer and reader in his essay, “Uncertainty.” In this issue’s Profile, students in a freshman-level college course have a conversation with L.A. Times book reviewer and critic (and winner of the 2013 Stanley W. Lindberg Editor’s Prize), David L. Ulin, about his book The Lost Art of Reading, and RWW participant, Jeffrey Mix, shares observations about his Outside Experience in Laos. And as always, we are pleased to post publications and announcements that reflect the accomplishments of all our RWW staff, faculty, alumni, and participants.

The word communion conjures up many connotations, and the staff at Soundings is eager to see where this year’s theme takes us. Speaking for myself, I can’t escape the word community. I work at a community college, I live in a wonderful community in Tillamook, Oregon, and I belong to a wonderful community of writers at RWW.

With that, please enjoy this issue of Soundings, and in the words of my predecessor, Sid—

Write on, people.