A Note From Soundings Staff

Just as this Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Soundings was finalized and on its way to our Webmaster for upload, we received word of Judith Kitchen’s death. Soundings Staffers deeply grieve this loss to our community and join the program director, participants, alums and faculty in sending our love and commiseration to Stan Rubin

Rather than turn our numb minds and sad hearts to memorializing Judith under a deadline, Soundings Staff has decided, instead, to go forward with the issue, as-is. We believe Judith would have particularly appreciated our theme—Havoc!  Fleda Brown even invokes Judith’s immeasurable wisdom on that subject in a meditation on the mysterious place all writers know, “Between Havoc and Responsibility.” And with that in mind, we dedicate this issue to Judith.

Our early spring 2015 issue will be devoted in large part to remembrances of and tributes to her, as visionary program founder, program administrator, perceptive teacher, critic, editor, and, above all, as a sublimely gifted writer.  Commemorative events will be taking place at the August 2015 RWW residency and we look forward to sharing our thoughts and memories of Judith with all of you in person then.

Chelsey Clammer, Editor
Cate Gable, Assistant Editor
Sydney Elliott, Contributing Writer
Sidney Brammer, Editor-in-Chief
Garrett Brooks, Webmaster